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Intern Estate Agents - the average age of the current Intern Estate Agent is between 35 and 75 years old.

How will you know if you have knowledge of the industry unless being tested.

It makes good business sense to first go through a process of assessing your prior learning (RPL) before embarking on a full blown course.

RPL is a process testing what you already know and to identify gaps in your learning.

The NQF L4 qualification comprises of 3 components: theory, practical and workplace experience.

Workplace experience is the bigger chunk (time spent/required) of the qualification which comprises 70%.

Intern Estate Agents may have real estate knowledge which they already poses and may request to be tested and for that get recognition (RPL).

Why waste time learning the same things again and again, instead get tested first and save time and money.

We are technically in a recession. Time and money is not to be wasted.

In order to build a sound economy contact ITAKANE if you are serious about your career in real estate!

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