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NQF Level 4

In order to become a full status agent, you must complete the NQF Level 4 course.


When you enroll for your NQF Level 4, you will receive a portfolio guide, an orientation guide and four sets of learning material study guides. The qualification entails four modules that need to be completed over a period of 12 months.


These modules include:


  • The Real Estate Platform 

  • Real Estate Legislation

  • Real Estate Practice

  • Real Estate Specialisation


We will provide you with the assistance necessary to complete and put together your final portfolio.

If the assessors find you competent and they are satisfied with all the information you have submitted in your file, your results are uploaded to Services SETA who will then issue you with a certificate. Your new Fidelity Fund Certificate (FFC) will display your new status of “full status agent” and you will have your NQF Level 4 qualification